App Documentation - Reviews ImportifyHow to install app code to any Shopify theme ?This action requires technical knowledge and prior experience with liquid code. If you are not comfortable with this, Request a Reviews Importify Installation for help.Note: Before doing any modification to live theme we suggest to duplicate live theme, to create a backup copy.Select each step below to view the instructions.Step 1: Add Snippet FilesDuplicate themes, to create a backup copy.From Shopify's admin, select Online Store.Select ActionsSelect Edit codeUnder "Snippets", find these nine files:ri-assets.liquidri-all-reviews.liquidri-product-questions.liquidri-product-reviews-gallery.liquidri-product-reviews.liquidri-questions-filter.liquidri-rating-product.liquidri-rating.liquidri-reviews-filter.liquidri-reviews-slider.liquidri-scripts.liquidFor any that don't exist:Select Add a new snippet.Enter the correct snippet name.Select Create snippet.Copy and paste the code found in each of these links into their respective files:ri-all-reviews.liquidri-assets.liquidri-product-questions.liquidri-product-reviews-gallery.liquidri-product-reviews.liquidri-questions-filter.liquidri-rating-product.liquidri-rating.liquidri-reviews-filter.liquidri-reviews-slider.liquidri-scripts.liquidClick Save.Repeat steps 6a – e for each missing snippet file.Step 2: Edit theme.liquidStep 3: Edit product.liquidStep 4: Edit collection product loop file (optional)How to Uninstall app code from any Shopify theme ?What is Review Profile ?What are Credits ?How to sync Reviews ?How to connect products with any review profile ?How to disconnect products from any review profile ?How to import custom Reviews ?How to manage/add new product questions (Q & A) ?How to update answer of questions asked by users?Where to manage Settings ?Privacy Policy DocumentationCopyright © 2022 Reviews Importify | Q & A. All Rights Reserved.

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